How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Weight Loss

How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Weight Loss

Contrary to popular belief, weight loss is not always about working out. Here’s why blood sugar levels might be the reason why you’re not seeing any progress in slimming down your waistline. 

Elevating blood sugar levels can be a matter of concern for people looking to shed a few pounds. Excessive weight has always been a risk factor for several diseases, including diabetes. However, most people ignore the link between excessive weight and blood sugar since everyone is occupied with numerous exercise routines and supplements. As it turns out, they are missing out on some useful information on weight loss due to blood sugar

Below, we will roll through the science behind maintaining a healthy weight by balancing your blood sugar levels.

What is Blood Sugar?

Blood sugar works as the main fuel for our bodily functions. When our body breaks down any carbohydrate, it produces glucose, aka blood sugar, that further works as a source of energy for everything we do. The key behind losing fat is to get the right balance of blood sugar in our body. Consuming the right amount of fiber, fat, and protein at every meal naturally stabilizes your blood sugar. It works as a consistent energy source while burning fat. Moreover, balanced levels will also keep any unwanted insulin spikes in control.

High and Low Blood Sugar

When you have high blood sugar, your body experiences an insulin surge, indicating that enough energy is available. The body soon stops burning fat and starts storing it, leading to excessive weight. On the other hand, low blood sugar can leave you tired, weak, hungry, anxious, lightheaded, and shaky. It results in people craving more carbohydrates and sugar, starting the cycle of storing more fat again. 

Healthy Weight Loss

Blood sugar and weight loss work side by side. Understanding blood sugar is imperative to facilitate healthy fat loss. Balanced blood sugar also leads to balanced insulin overdrive, empowering your food processing metabolism.

To balance your blood sugar, avoid hidden sugars as well as simple carbohydrates. Various forms of sugar, such as Fructose, sucrose, lactose, and glucose, are classified as simple carbs. As the name tells, Fructose is fruit sugar, lactose is found in dairy products, sucrose is the regular table sugar, and glucose is what we also call blood sugar. 

Apart from these, processed foods, juices, beverages, and fat-free foods also have hidden sugar in them. Instead of these, eat healthy meals that are rich in protein, fat, and fiber.

Starving yourself can also create an imbalance in your blood sugar levels since it leads to low blood sugar leaving our body with a lower metabolism. 

How to Plan Your Diet for Balanced Blood Sugar

Stabilizing your blood sugar is not rocket science if you can keep your diet full of adequate fat, fiber, greens, and proteins. Here’s how these four can be effective in maintaining perfect weight. 

  • Fat: With less impact on our blood sugar than carbs, fat enables slow meal absorption in our body. In fact, consuming only fats does not affect currently circulating blood sugar whatsoever. Fats in our meals help us avoid steep insulin or blood sugar spikes. 
  • Protein: Chains of amino acids in our body are essential to keep blood sugar stabilized. However, avoid eating protein in excess since it can further be converted into glucose through a natural process called gluconeogenesis. 
  • Fiber: Fiber works similarly to fats since it slows down many nutrients, including glucose. Natural sugars found in fruits and veggies already come with natural fiber, making them perfect to be eaten raw. 
  • Greens: Deep green veggies on your plate just mean vitamins and minerals. Green vegetables are full of magnesium also, which elevates insulin sensitivity, eventually regulating your blood sugar. 


If you are working hard on your physique and want to see quick results of your weight loss efforts, it’s imperative to keep blood sugar levels balanced. Follow our blog to know more about how to follow a healthy diet and how to get rid of excessive weight loss with our BLOOD SUGAR ULTRA

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