L-arginine Supplements: How They Lead to a Healthy Physique

Amino acids are compounds that join together to form a chain-like structure known as protein. There are three groups of amino acids, including essential, non-essential, and conditional amino acids. They are also known as the building blocks of life. Our body breaks down protein to form amino acids that help us with food digestion, growth, body tissue repair, and performing many other functions. L-arginine is one of the nine essential amino acids. Unlike non-essential amino acids, essential amino acids like L-arginine are not made by the body, and hence, should be consumed with diet. Below, we have detailed some benefits of L-arginine.

Let’s roll through how to take L-arginine supplements and how they can help your body to stay healthy.

Improvement in Athletic Performance

Since arginine boosts nitric oxide inside our body, which is a natural vasodilator, the L-arginine pills and supplements help in improving athletic performance. As the blood vessels dilate, a sudden increase in blood flow and oxygen to muscles enhance your workout performance. 

A study conducted on 9 men found that consuming 6gms of L-arginine through beverages before 1 hour of intense workout allows your body to exercise longer with a significant boost in the blood flow. 

Blood Pressure Regulation 

As we mentioned before, L-arginine supplements are responsible for nitric oxide production. Since nitric oxide is essential for the relaxation of blood vessel cells and blood pressure regulation, l-arginine becomes vital for people with high BP issues. Studies show that l-arginine pills and supplements decreases both systolic and diastolic BP readings.

While the benefits of l-arginine consumption are significant, people with very low blood pressure should avoid or consult their healthcare professionals before taking high amounts of l-arginine. 

Another study including 144 people experiencing a problem in blood-sugar regulation concluded that regular intake of 6.4gms L-arginine for at least 18 months can reduce diabetes development chances.  

Critical Illness Management

Conditions like infection and trauma can increase your arginine demands. When you are hit with an infection or trauma, amino acid depletion such as arginine is common as the body fails to fulfil the needs. It increases the demand for external sources of arginine, thus making l-arginine supplementation a compulsion for physiological reasons.

Arginine depletion can have adverse effects on your physique if you have a critical illness or you have undergone major surgery. You can have an impaired immune system or uneven blood flow. But these potential complications can be easily avoided with arginine consumption. 


Apart from these, arginine, being an essential amino acid has several other benefits such as treating erectile dysfunction symptoms, treating preeclampsia, improving blood flow, and more. Evidence has shown that L-arginine supplements also reduce common cold risk and boost weight loss. To know more about pre-workout supplements or to read more fitness-related information, explore & follow IronPro Nutrition blogs. Grab attractive discounts on l-arginine supplements here.

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