Tribulus and BodyBuilding

Tribulus and BodyBuilding: Natural Alternative to Artificial Supplements

A fruit with razor-sharp spines known as Tribulus has been beneficial for wide-ranging complaints. Tribulus fruit, root, and leaf all have medicinal uses in kidney problems, skin problems, erectile dysfunction, heart and circulatory system-related problems(High BP), mouth tissue pain and swelling, cancer, and more. Known to penetrate bicycle tires with the sharp spines, the Tribulus Terrestris plant hosts a cover of yellow flowers. The goat’s head or devil’s weed can make barefooted humans yelp with its sharp spines. 

Everyone indulged in the art of bodybuilding knows the importance of a ripped look. Getting a toned body requires constant effort, the right hormone levels, and proper metabolism. Improving your overall fitness also relies on the quality of supplements you take and Tribulus Terrestris is something you should consider including in your supplement list. 

This traditional herbal bodybuilding supplement comes with several ergogenic benefits that we will roll through in this article. 

Tribulus Can Get You the Gains

Also known as Gokshur, this plant is widely used as an immunity booster. It is also popular for treating skin ailments and it’s also a diuretic. The list of health benefits goes long as it promotes healthy cholesterol, is beneficial in PCOS, and regulates serotonin levels. However, the best thing Tribulus is known for is the ability to boost muscle strength and testosterone levels. It is known to affect your muscle composition and improve the results from a bodybuilding regime. The plant-based natural supplement also increases endurance and improves muscle building. 

Testosterone Production for Lean Muscle Growth

Bodybuilding and testosterone go hand in hand since maintaining muscle tone, strength and stamina closely relate to testosterone. While it offers so many bodybuilding benefits, an optimal imbalance in hormone production can affect your overall well being. Fortunately, Tribulus can help you restore testosterone’s youthful levels to contribute in maintaining strength and overall health. 

This plant contains a steroidal Saponin known as Protodioscin. Being a testosterone precursor, it naturally boosts testosterone production by stimulating the pituitary gland that further promotes the production and secretion of two gonadotropins- follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) or Luteinizing hormone (LH). This results in an increased level of testosterones in males and estrogen in females since both these stimulate gonads in males as well as females.

Apart from playing a vital role in optimal health and strength, testosterone is helpful in maintaining healthy body weight, cognitive function, improving glucose metabolism, insulin sensitivity, promotes a healthy heart, and many more things. Increased Nitric Oxide(NO) levels in our body due to testosterone promote muscle growth, enhance performance, and boost physical strength. On the contrary, decreased testosterone levels can result in excessive fat production and low gain of lean muscle mass. 

Top 10 Bodybuilding Benefits of Tribulus

  • It boosts free testosterone levels naturally.
  • Increased testosterone boosts muscle growth, endurance, and muscle repair/recovery post workout.
  • Improves circulation in muscles.
  • Helps in getting an athletic physique.
  • Promotes increase in nitrogen retention.
  • Stimulates protein synthesis.
  • Supports fat loss.
  • Relieves from fatigue.
  • Since it boosts muscle strength, you can easily lift heavier weights in the gym and do more than usual repetitions.
  • Testosterone supports overall well-being when you follow a strict workout regimen.


Numerous research has been conducted on Tribulus to simulate its effects on muscle building and hormonal production. You can amplify its effectiveness by using it the right way with regular workouts and proper hydration. Consider Tribulus to effectively overcome bodybuilding challenges.

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