White Kidney Bean Extract & Weight Loss

People across the globe cultivate and consume four types of white beans, including great northern beans, baby lima beans, navy(pea) beans, and cannellini beans to cover their basic nutritional needs. Cannellini beans or white kidney beans are the largest among the group, and they are often promoted as an aid to weight loss. With a little earthy, nutty flavor and tender flesh, white kidney beans are commonly used in Italian dishes. 

Scientifically known as Phaseolus Vulgaris, they are also the very first beans planted. In this blog, we will uncover whether the extract of something commonly used in salads, stews, soups, and more can help with weight loss or not. 

What’s the Claim?

Classified as a carbohydrate blocker, white kidney bean extract supposedly inhibits the digestion of starches resulting in a reduced amount of digested starches and the excretion of undigested starches. Sometimes promoted as the starch blocker, weight loss supplement manufacturers also claim that it curbs the cravings by inhibiting carbs while reducing abdominal fat. Since weight loss or fitness is a billion-dollar industry, it’s okay not to trust anything & everything before extensively researching. 

While the claims about white kidney bean being a carbohydrate inhibitor are true, most supplements still fail to prove how their product uses the extract for weight loss. 

White Kidney Bean Extract Composition

The protein responsible for blocking the starch breakdown and digestion is phaseolamin, aka α-amylase blocker. This protein has several other functions in the human body including, 

  • Blocking carbohydrate absorption
  • Helping burn fat reserves
  • Suppressing appetite and
  • Reducing blood sugar and post-meal insulin spikes

There are two active compounds found in the white kidney bean extract, including:

α-Amylase blocker: Also known as phaseolamin, this component prevents the starch to bind with the enzyme responsible for breaking it down. It allows fewer carbohydrates to absorb since a lot of starch is left as it is. 

Phytohemagglutinin: This lectin covers the intestinal lining for suppressing appetite by influencing the secretion of certain hormones.

Other white kidney bean compounds might or might not be present in small proportions.

  • Trypsin
  • Phaseolin
  • Saponins
  • Phytic acid
  • Arcelins

Possible Weight Loss Effect

Many studies and trials indicate that white kidney bean extract has properties to help you lose weight. A study conducted on a group of 120 obese volunteers, including 60 men & 60 women aged between 18 to 65, found that Phaseolus Vulgaris or bean extract can significantly impact weight loss. This Food Science & Nutrition study divided the volunteers into two groups, out of which one was given 2400mg of Phaseolus Vulgaris or white kidney bean extract per day before each meal for 35 days. 

After monitoring their body weight, body mass index, fat mass, skinfold fat thickness, blood biochemical parameters, and more, the researchers concluded that the group with Phaseolus Vulgaris lost an average of 2.24 kg weight to 0.29 kg of the other group. 

There was a significant drop in the body mass index and body fat, whereas the study also concluded a noticeable reduction in waist circumference & hip circumference. 

Many such studies have proved that white kidney bean extract can remarkably induce weight loss in a short period. However, with so many supplement manufacturers falsely claiming to provide you original white kidney bean extract, you may end up buying something ineffective and harmful. 


While white kidney bean extract can be an excellent weight loss aid, you still need to look for authentic supplements

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